Do you ever feel like Entrepreneurship is the loneliest job on the planet, that a better name might be Solopreneure?

Many entrepreneurial tradesmen have brilliant ideas, and do incredible things, but some feel like they are being held back by something, something is keeping them from realizing their potential.

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No Written Goals 

Of those that have no written goals and objectives, only 42% achieve them.

Written Goals 

Of those that write down their goals and objectives, 60% achieve them.


Add accountability to those written goals and objectives, and the achievement percentage jumps to 76%.

​By simply adding the discipline that accountability provides, a company can improve their success rate by as much as 34%.


Becoming part of a peer Advisory Group like GoodProfitGroup might be that something that is missing

More businesses fail from lack of discipline than any other reason, including cash flow or lack of work. A Peer Advisory group adds accountability, which inevitably leads to discipline. Discipline being the foundation of Stewardship.

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Are you satisfied with where your following metrics are at?

Profit Margin

Return on Investment

Retained Earnings

Cash Flow

Employee Retention

Project Win/Loss Ratio

On Time Delivery

​Work-Life Balance

Personal Salary

Children's College Fund

Retirement Funding

Debt Situation

Are you as confident in your business skillset as you are in your skills as a Tradesman?

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Tradesmen Focused

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Groups Tailored for Tradesmen

There are groups like GoodProfitGroup all over the planet, but the vast majority are focused on the CEO role for large organizations, not for the tradesman, craftsman, and manufacturing business sector. GoodProfitGroup was created specifically for this segment of the market, without the restrictive criteria that would prevent the vast majority of tradesmen companies from participating in this powerful framework for growth and success.

Your Board-of-Directors

A Peer Advisory Board and/or Mastermind Group can provide the sounding board you have been looking for, a group of like minded individuals who can challenge you to take your business to the next level. Being part of a peer group that is committed to lifelong learning and idea exchange; while fostering an environment of trust, respect and confidentiality for the group members provides the accountability necessary to implement the discipline so many of us lack in our lives.