A Perfect Plan is a Myth

No matter the flag it flies or flew under, a planned Economy has never, does not and never will work. You can change the name, the logo, the vision statement, the mission statement and anything else you can think of to make it more palatable, but this plane (or plan) won’t fly.

Doctors “practice” medicine because they know medicine can never be perfected, not because they are not smart enough to perfect it, or that pharmaceutical companies are not smart enough, or don’t have the resources, but because the people they practice on are not clones (each human is unique, different, so what works on one does not necessarily work on another). Doctors have to tailor their solutions to fit the patient, and even patients change. What worked when they were 25 may not work when they are 45, 55 or 65. 

When it comes to manufacturing custom cabinetry, the best plan is the plan that can be adapted to work with the extenuating circumstances, not bulldoze it’s way through the circumstances. The piece of what we do that will NEVER be replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the planning (project management), the dealing with due dates. The fact of the matter is that due dates are estimates, and they are usually wrong (typically wrong more than they are right). Don’t believe me? Start tracking two dates, Proposed Delivery date and Actual Delivery date and get back with me on your findings.

The bottom line is there are no perfect plans, and if we wait until every traffic light between where we are and where we want to go is green, we will NEVER leave home base.

A Perfect Plan is a Myth
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley April 22, 2023
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