Big Batch Flow = Bad Cash Flow

I thought it providential that this was the featured quote that surfaced today (I have these charted our for several years, just in case you thought they were random). As some of you know, but many probably don’t, I’ve been working on a revised addition of the True32 Flow Manufacturing book (a lot has changed since 1999), and the chapter I have spent the most time on has been the Flow Manufacturing chapter.

Flow has also been sort of the top-shelf topic in our GoodProfitGroup meetings of late, so it’s been top of mind for me, and now I need to write something about it. The Lord’s timing is impeccable.

One of my objectives with these sometimes weekly, bi-weekly, and occasionally monthly musings is to keep them short and sweet, so in an attempt to not ‘break that constraint’ (hope some of you saw that coming), this will be my attempt to do just that.

I will use the current front-runner cover design (one of many) of the revised edition of True32 Flow Manufacturing to hopefully make my point.

I’m hoping the cabinet inside the water drop (the idea for this design came from GoodProfitGroup member's suggestions) makes the point I am attempting to make, and that is Flow Manufacturing should be like a water faucet/spigot/tap, that in the cabinet industry, we should be able to turn our “Cabinet Faucet” on each morning, and off each evening, and there should be finished product ready to deliver and install at the end of each day.

The by-product of doing this is One-Piece-Flow, which is the antithesis of Big-Batch-Flow, which always leads to Bad-Cash-Flow.

Did I accomplish my objective?

Big Batch Flow = Bad Cash Flow
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley March 5, 2023
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