Consistently vs. Occasionally

Just as there is a chasm between those in heaven and those in hell, there is a chasm between those that succeed and those that fail, and just as the chasm between the lost and the saved can be bridged by the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus (redemption of the soul), so the chasm between the successful and unsuccessful can be bridged by consistency (redemption of our time).

May I suggest that you stop batching and start doing ONE-PIECE FLOW. Do a little bit of everything every day rather a lot of something once a week, once per month, once per quarter, or the avalanche of things you save to do once per year. We can't make more time, but we can manage the time we've been allotted better.

Consistently vs. Occasionally
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley September 10, 2023
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