Democracy vs. Representative Republic

With yesterday being Veterans Day, and that many of us exercised our right to vote earlier this week, it seemed appropriate to speak to the topic of Freedom in today’s blog post.

Freedom is NOT free, but in the absence of conflict on our home soil, it is easy to see where some might take it for granted. With that in mind, here is a little reminder about OUR Representative Republic and Constitution.

7 Principles of the Constitution

  • Popular Sovereignty-rule by the people
  • Republicanism-the right to vote for representatives
  • Federalism-power is shared between our national and state governments
  • Separation of Powers-3 branches of government that make, enforce, and interpret laws
  • Checks and Balances-controls (checks) can be made on the other branches
  • Limited Government-everyone is bound by the U.S. Constitution (no one is above the law)
  • Individual Rights-personal freedoms (inalienable rights granted by our Creator) guaranteed by our Bill of Rights

Democracy vs. Representative Republic
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley November 12, 2022
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