Do or Delegate?

If you find yourself observing your team, and thinking, I should just do that myself, then you need to start looking at your systems. The whole point of going through all the trouble of finding, hiring, and onboarding a new team member is to delegate some portion of the workload to them.

If you do something that another team member should be doing or was hired to do, then your systems are not where they need to be. To paraphrase W. Edwards Deming, your systems are precisely designed to provide the results you are getting. If you are getting undesirable results, fix the core issue (your systems), and don't waste time fiddling with the symptoms of the core issue (and playing the blame game with your team).

If you design your systems to keep processes as simple as possible, removing the opportunity for mistake from the process, and setting the next person up for success, then you can delegate with confidence. If you need a leg up in creating your systems, the Custom Cabinet Planner will provide the framework for really effective systems.

Do or Delegate?
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley June 3, 2023
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