Entrepreneurs’ Biggest Problem

Being a fan/advocate for Theory of Constraints Thinking, I find Mike Michalowicz’s statement to be very accurate, especially when you subscribe to the thinking process that says the “Constraint” is the ONE THING that keeps a company from reaching its GOAL. Not knowing your Constraint is a BIG PROBLEM.

The converse is knowing where your Constraint is, and following the 5 step process to Identify, Exploit, Subordinate, Elevate, and Rinse and Repeat will allow an Entrepreneur to reach their GOAL of making more money now and in the future.

The Production Schedule KANBAN board in the Custom Cabinet Planner app (formerly known as the World Domination Custom Cabinetry app), which includes the dollars that make up any single step of your Sequence of Events does a really good job of revealing your Constraint (typically the process right behind the one with all the KANBAN cards/dollars in it).

Entrepreneurs’ Biggest Problem
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley December 10, 2022
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