Getting Paid

Finished Projects mean getting paid, unfinished projects mean you are NOT getting paid. Spreading ourselves too thin is the best way to postpone getting paid, and the temptation to do whatever you have to to get a client to stop complaining, leads to this multiple partially, or even mostly finished projects, with none being finished (so you are not getting paid).

Add all of the supply chain issues to this, and that means you may have a lot of capital sitting in the not finished, can’t get paid pile. The World Domination Custom Cabinetry app has a visual indicator of this condition in that the Production Schedule not only visually represents where in your sequence of events each project is at, but also tallies up the total dollars in each of those production buckets (columns), visually illustrating where your money is stuck at.

Getting paid is GOOD, not getting paid is BAD. Let’s get those projects finished and get PAID!

Getting Paid
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley March 5, 2022
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