Got Problems?

When we are really busy, it’s easy to overlook and/or ignore small problems, but those small problems will almost always become big problems if we stay the course of overlooking and/or ignoring those small problems.

Don’t neglect or ignore:

  • Slipping lead times (be on time all the time)
  • Win/Loss ratio
  • Quality Issues
  • Team Member issues (never allow good team members to leave because of bad team members)
  • Collection issues
  • Overhead Creep (manage your money, or your money will manage you)
  • Increasing debt level
  • Decreasing bank balance

What are the small problems you’ve been neglecting? In the words of that great prophet and sage, Barney Fife ”Nip it in the bud”.

Got Problems?
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley October 1, 2022
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