Seeking God's Direction

As Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs, we seem to question the relationship between our business self and our spiritual self, always wondering if what we do in business is honoring God. For some, if not most, there is this splinter in our mind, always wondering if God had another plan for our lives and we took a wrong turn when we started our business.

I don’t have an answer to that common dilemma, but I do know that Dave Ramsey was right when he said ”It is worth the trouble to become the person that God made you to be.” For me, when I am not certain of the path I am on, I just focus on doing the best I can at whatever is in front of me (I’ve been known to say I love whatever I am doing right now), knowing by faith that if God wants me on another path, He will lead me there (maybe kicking and screaming, but ultimately He will get me there).

For my Custom Cabinet Manufacturer path, that looked like doing my best to honor God in my business, to treat my customers with respect, give them my best design, best cabinetry, best fit and finish at installation, and charge a fair price for my products and services, and to do what I said I would do when I said I would do it (to serve my clients well). As an employer, it looked like doing my best to provide meaningful, challenging, well-compensated jobs for my team, and provide a clean, safe environment for them to work towards becoming the person God made them to be (to serve my team well).

If you need help with the process, with a framework of how to improve your daily walk with the Lord, the Custom Cabinet Planner app includes a Daily Tech Triggers process that provides a clear framework (including gentle prompts) to pray daily, to read God’s Word daily, to reflect on what you read in God’s word (there’s even a section devoted to helping you memorize things that are important to you as a Christian, Business Owner, Citizen, etc.), then within that context of a Christian Business Owner, you review your to-do-list, your NOT-to-do list, and goals.

Then there is a piece that I find incredibly helpful to keep all the chaos around me in perspective, where I am prompted to write down one or more things that I am grateful for, and immediately after doing that, I am asked what I’m Entitled to, with the answer being prefilled to: NOTHING (although you are welcome to add things you think you are entitled to if you want).

Then there is a section that helps me reflect on ”Big Things”, things that are in the news, things outside my control or sphere of influence, just so I can document those monumental things, and look back in the future and see that they were not so BIG after all (helps me keep the tragic and horrific in perspective). The last area of these Daily Tech Triggers has a place to embed your calendar, which I have done, and review every morning to make sure I keep my word and commitments to others. I find the process to be a great way to start my day, and although it takes a little time, I can rest assured that it is helping me become the person God wants me to be, thus it is well worth the time and trouble.

Seeking God's Direction
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley May 29, 2022
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