Stinking Thinking

I remember the first time I heard Zig Ziglar say the words Stinking Thinking, and how that resonated with me. Although the term might be associated with addiction (as it should be), it also applies to our work and home life as well.

If you are a TOC (Theory of Constraints) practitioner, or at least a TOC advocate, you will soon find that we have to deal with some Stinking Thinking in this arena as well. We will ignore what we have learned about Constraints, and go about investing our time and resources treating symptoms rather than core problems (and reaping phantom rewards). We will gravitate toward large batches when smaller batches, transfer batches or One-Piece-Flow would serve us much better. We will release projects too soon to make sure everyone has something to do, with the full knowledge of the chaos and WIP (piles and piles of Work In Process) that will inevitably follow (if you never have enough parts carts, or conveyors, raise your hand).

Yep, Stinking Thinking will just keep on trucking, and keeping us from getting what we want unless we recognize and confess the Stinking Thinking, repent of the Stinking Thinking, and turn from our Stinking Thinking ways. Redeem your Thinking today, and pursue One-Piece-Flow. Identify your Constraint, Exploit your Constraint, Subordinate EVERYTHING to your Constraint, Elevate your Constraint, and when the Constraint is broken, Rinse and Repeat (and make more money now and in the future).

If you need help defeating Stinking Thinking, you might want to consider joining a group of your peers in a Mastermind or Peer Advisory Group. In the words of that great prophet and sage, Din Djarin (The Mandalorian), "This is the way".

Stinking Thinking
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley June 12, 2023
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