Technologies Are Us

The two-edged sword of technology can make or break us. If you refuse to use it, which is nearly impossible today (your cell phone IS TECHNOLOGY), your competitors who use it will have a clear advantage over you and your company. If you use it poorly, your competitors that exploit it will have a clear advantage over you and your company.

On the other hand, some of us are easily seduced by technology, and invest in technology for technology's sake, not to help us make more cabinets and thus more money now and in the future. The sword cuts both ways, so what's an entrepreneur to do?

Be a Steward of technology, just like you are a Steward of the money entrusted to you. We are not called to have the best of everything, we are called to manage what we have and use all we have to its full potential. Your company is a technology company, so manage that technology well, and exploit it for all it's worth. As a good and faithful Steward, commit yourself to not investing in more and better technology until you have mastered the technology you already have.

Technologies Are Us
True32 Corporation, Bobbo Buckley March 11, 2024
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